Best Fat Burning Workouts in the Pool

Best Fat Burning Workouts in the Pool

People who are trying to lose weight, usually spend time in a gym, or on a track. Swimming pool is not among the typical locations for working out. However, working out in the pool or simply swimming will burn fat, tone your muscles and all that without putting too much pressure on your joints. Just look at Olympic swimmers or water polo players, spending time in the pool did them a favour. Read on to find out why swimming [...]

Exercise whilst recovering from surgery

Safe exercising after plastic surgery

Plastic surgery procedures are complicated, and sometimes hazardous for the health, which is why the process of recovery must be taken very seriously. It’s very important that the patient goes back to the workout routines after the surgery, but the exercises must be safe, so that they don’t jeopardize the results of the procedure. Exercising is highly beneficial for both body and mind, so it’s highly recommended that a patient turns to working out after the recovery is over.Benefits [...]

How to test your upper body strength -

How to test your real upper body strength?

Test Your Upper Body Strength The upper body is most often in the spotlight of any gym exercise: many people crave to tower above all else with their mean muscles, and get that sculpted body ASAP. Well, tracking and measuring progress is one of the mainsprings of your training endeavor. A ballpark figure will not cut it, nor elicit praise from your close friends. So, how can you perform a proper test and see how well your program is serving [...]

Coretone Fitness Blog - The benefits of cardio training

The heart of the matter on cardiovascular exercise

Benefits of Cardio TrainingWhen it comes to exercise, Cardio is often mentioned. This is especially true if the person is trying to burn fat. However, I find that a great many people who are just starting out do not get instructed on the benefits of a Cardiovascular Exercise. Where there is the benefit of burning off fat, there are other benefits which implementing a cardio workout can have upon your health. Here are a few.A Stronger HeartIt goes to [...]

Coretone Fitness Blog - Benefits of Strength Training

Benefits of Strength Training

Why taking it to the Limit is not just for the EaglesStrength training is one of those things that people either love or hate. And while there are many articles out there that will explain which exercises you need to perform for the best strength training, many people (especially those that are new to exercising) may not understand why strength training is an essential part to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and workout routine. Here are some of the key [...]