Health and Social Benefits of Playing Soccer

Top 7 Health and Social Benefits of Playing Soccer

Health and Social Benefits of Playing Soccer

Soccer (also called football, depending on where you are) is one of the most popular sports in the world today. Soccer is a team sport and requires sprinting, slow or fast running, agility, and endurance. However, although soccer is not the most physically demanding sport, its players tend to have great muscle strength and basically no problems with body weight. Moreover, soccer can help people with hypertension to stabilize their pressure, but also teaches coordination, and promotes teamwork and sharing. But that’s not all! Here is the list of 7 great health and social benefits of playing soccer you probably didn’t know.

Top 7 Health and Social Benefits of Playing SoccerSoccer improves cardiovascular health and increases aerobic capacity

The constant walking and running in soccer requires a high level of energy and strength. Therefore, playing soccer is an excellent exercise that betters cardiovascular health, reduces blood pressure, burns excess calories, and strengthens the heart. Soccer players tend to have a large aerobic capacity – they are capable of sprinting, long-distance running, and tend to recover faster from various injuries.

Soccer lowers body fat and improves muscle strength

Soccer is a superb sport for burning fat, even better than jogging or gym workouts. When you play soccer, you use explosive power for sprinting, jumping, and changing directions rapidly. This causes you to burn more fat than regular workouts. On the other hand, habitual soccer playing builds and improves muscles by using the whole body, regardless gender, age or lack of experience with it.

Soccer increases cognitive performance

Soccer is unique among the sports, as playing it drastically increases concentration, creativity, multitasking, working memory, and other cognitive functions. While playing the game, you have to constantly look for territorial advantage in order to position yourself to receive a pass or to defend the goal, so that’s probably the reason why so many researchers find soccer great sport for boosting your mental abilities.

Soccer involves teamwork and increases self-confidence

While jogging and fitness are very personal types of exercises, soccer is team sport and players share common goals while playing it. The lessons you while learn playing soccer will eventually translate to the rest of your life – the ability to work as a team player and to cooperate with others on the sameTop 7 Health and Social Benefits of Playing Soccer tasks. Besides that, soccer is a great sport for boosting your self-esteem and reducing anxiety, as the feel-good endorphins realized into the body after playing it are very efficient stress reducers.

Soccer can be played almost anywhere and by anyone

One of the reasons why soccer is so popular worldwide is because it is not that expensive or exclusive. All that is necessary to play a game is some space and new soccer equipment. It can be played in the backyard, parks, streets, or even beaches. Besides that, almost everyone can play basic soccer for recreation and fun. Before doing so, just remember to warm up your muscles to avoid possible injuries and rehydrate regularly.

By now, you are aware of some great benefits of playing soccer. However, that’s not all! Soccer also enhances social connections and interactions, increases focus and attention, helps children learn more about the countries of the world, and allows friendly and often funny competition. Even if you don’t play it, you can enjoy watching soccer with your family or friends.  However, just remember that people who regularly play soccer simply worry less, have a great health condition and aerobic capacity. So don’t wait, get your gear ready and start playing it as soon as you can!

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