When Working Becomes Working Out: Exercising in The Office

When Working Becomes Working Out: Exercising in The Office

When Working Becomes Working Out: Exercising in The Office

If you’re blessed with a job which requires of you to sit in front of the monitor all day, you probably find the greatest relief in those bathroom breaks where you actually get the chance to get up and stretch your legs. While working in a field which doesn’t demand excessive physical labour certainly has its perks, it might actually do you more harm than good. A study published on the Mayo Clinic website has found that adults that spend more than four hours a day in front of the computer had about a 125% increased risk of cardiovascular disease, chest pain (angina) or heart attack. As doing your job is inevitable, we’ve found a few ways on how you can incorporate some exercises into your daily working routine so it could become a daily working-out routine.

When Working Becomes Working Out: Exercising in The Office

Swirl Those Abs

While doing sit ups right in the middle of your working day might look a bit off, there’s actually a way to engage those abs without disturbing the overall work ambience in the office. Remember how excited you were to get your first swirling chair? Well, now you can put it to good use by practicing your obliques. When you feel like it’s time for a break, simply sit upright, let your feet hover above the floor and position yourself to touch the edge of your desk only with your fingertips. In this position, try to use your core muscles to rotate your chair from left to right, until you feel a good burn on those abs.

Chips and Dips?

A healthier twist on chips and dips comes in a form of replacing your regular fatty snack with a healthy salad and doing triceps dips during your smoke break. A sturdy chair is everything you need to perform this exercise properly. Stand upright, turning your back to the chair and placing your hands behind you on both sides of the chair. Continue to bend your elbows and legs simultaneously and bring your torso up and down until the break is overf

Copy Those Moves

Waiting for the printer to finish those copies? Make the most of this additional time by exercising your calves. Opt for some simple calf raises by pressing up on your toes and holding it for just a second until you come back to your original position. Better yet, step up your game by choosing leg raises or glute kicks.

When Working Becomes Working Out: Exercising in The OfficeMultitasking at Its Finest

Doing a conference call, writing an e-mail, filing those reports and trying not to lose your mind in the process? Well, all you’re missing is adding a low-key exercise you can perform without ever leaving your desk. Tone your legs by lifting them up one by one until they’re levelled with your hips. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat with the other leg. Other than this, squeezing your buttocks for 5-10 seconds before releasing is a great way to work your glutes, without anyone noticing.

Design A Dynamic Workspace

Before you decide to e-mail your co-worker to come over from the other side of the cubicle, try opting for a quick walk instead. While technology has greatly contributed to a better and faster communication, a dynamic workspace also has its perks. Designing such an office environment and opting for a commercial fitout that would allow the workers to work actively and always move around can greatly contribute not only to a lively and potent work environment, but to a generally healthier lifestyle as well.

You don’t have to sacrifice your physical health because of work! If anything, combining the two can bear some amazing results both for your private and professional life. Not only will implementing these exercises make your office life more interesting, but it’ll also keep you fit, vital, healthy and more motivated in the process.


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