Best Fat Burning Workouts in the Pool

Best Fat Burning Workouts in the Pool

Best Fat Burning Workouts in the Pool

People who are trying to lose weight, usually spend time in a gym, or on a track. Swimming pool is not among the typical locations for working out. However, working out in the pool or simply swimming will burn fat, tone your muscles and all that without putting too much pressure on your joints. Just look at Olympic swimmers or water polo players, spending time in the pool did them a favour. Read on to find out why swimming is so good for you.

Best Fat Burning Workouts in the PoolWhy is swimming good?

Water polo players and Olympic swimmers are a living proof of positive effects swimming has on our bodies. Swimming engages almost every muscle in our bodies, but without putting too much stress on it. Running or lifting weights stresses our joints, which can be very painful. While in water, our bodies become virtually weightless but in order to move we have to engage our muscles. According to certain studies, swimming at a faster pace for an hour can burn up to 700 calories. Swimming slower will also result in a great number of calories burned.

Water has a greater density than air, which means that swimming is a resistance workout. This will produce similar results as lifting weights, but without the added risk to joint health. Resistance training is known to cause hypertrophy, which is another great benefit of swimming. Swimming positively impacts our blood pressure, central nervous system and cholesterol levels. Since swimmers can choose their own pace and how vigorously they will work out, that means this is something that can be exercised for life. Running and lifting weights are more of a youngster’s workout.

Be mindful of your diet

Running outside or simply working out in warm weather can suppress appetite due to temperature. This means that you will burn calories and won’t need a huge meal afterwards. Swimming takes place in a pool, which is a colder environment. This can have a counter effect on our appetite. Cold temperatures can stimulate our appetite which results in weight gain. This doesn’t mean that you should refrain from working out in the pool. This simply means that you should take better care of what you eat, which you should do all the time, anyway.

Best Fat BurnBest Fat Burning Workouts in the Pooling Workouts in the PoolHow to do it?

Start off slow, as not everyone can swim for 60 minutes straight. You need to learn how to synchronize your muscles, which takes time, as well as what are the proper breathing techniques. While swimming, our heads are under water surface a lot, while running we have the option of breathing in any time we want. If you are a novice swimmer start by swimming 10 lengths of the pool. Rest in between – 45 seconds should be enough since we want to keep the heart rate up. Try to add one length each week. Also, try to visit the swimming pool at least 4 times a week.

More experienced swimmers could incorporate interval training in their workouts, too. This is a concept usually associated with sprinting, but it can be used in swimming as well. Swim at a high pace for one pool length, then cool down at a slower pace for one length. Repeat this 10 times, but feel free to rest whenever you feel like you need it. Don’t forget to change swimming styles to keep things interesting.

Swimming can help us lose weight. It will also tone and strengthen our bodies, positively impact our blood pressure, and it is a very good exercise for our cardiovascular system.


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