Post-Tattoo Removal Skin-Care and Exercising

Post-Tattoo Removal Skin-Care and Exercising

Post-Tattoo Removal Skin-Care and Exercising

There are two ways to make your body look great. One of them is to hit the gym. The other is to get a tattoo. Combining them both can provide spectacular results. But, only one of these two roads is a safe one. Yes, you’ve guessed it, not every tattoo is well-thought out, and not every studio will be able to rise up to your expectations. The best thing you can do if you end up with a bad-looking ink all over you is to get it removed and put your effort where it counts the most – workout.

Post-Tattoo Removal Skin-Care and ExercisingHow Your Skin Responds to Procedure

Let’s get one thing clear before we proceed – If you’re still hesitating to get the tattoo removed, don’t. Current removal techniques are as safe as they get and there’s not too much of a “procedure” to be worried about. Your tattoo will be removed with high intensity light beams, similar to the ones produced by the sun. However, your skin will respond, and you may face one of these two aftereffects:

Blisters – They show up 8-72 hours after the removal procedure. Although they tend to be somewhat unpleasant, it’s best to ignore them. Breaking the blisters can cause an infection.

Laser snow – Laser snow manifest itself as a whitening of the skin in the previously tattooed area. We wouldn’t go as far as to call them scars because they disappear after just a couple of months.

After-Procedure Skin Treatment

As we can see, both of these conditions are temporary. For how long will you face them, and how your skin will respond, depends on the immediate aftercare. Let’s take a look at some of the moves you should take to get your skin into the workout-ready condition.

Moisturize the skin – After the procedure, your skin will behave like it was burnt by the sun. Your response should be similar – keep the previously tattooed area moisturized to promote skin recovery.

Cool the tattooed area – By, cooling your skin with some cold object (for example, ice cube), you will ease the feel of burning and prevent the development of blisters.

Post-Tattoo Removal Skin-Care and ExercisingTake it easy with your shower – Every one of us enjoys a hot, steamy shower. As for the moment, irritating your already burnt skin even more it’s not that good of an idea.

When to Resume Workout

Exercising before the tattoo removal procedure is not a problem. Physical activity will get your blood pumping through your body, strengthen your immune system, and help the post-procedure recovery. Exercising after the procedure is an entirely different thing, mostly due to side effects your body’s going to go through.

Low intensity workout – By that, we mean walking-grade low. Although the usual recommendation say that you shouldn’t expose your body to strain at least 1-2 days after each treatment, as long as you’re not sweating short casual strolls through the park can do you no harm.

Swimming – If you are into swimming, we have to break you the bad news – Because of the chemicals we use to clean pools, you’ll want to stay out of the water for a couple of weeks (depending on the condition of your skin) after the last treatment.

Post-Tattoo Removal Skin-Care and ExercisingLimited workout regimen – As we already mentioned, if you’re feeling ok, you’ll be ready to fly after 48 hours, post-treatment. However, you should avoid excessive sweating, limit the range of motion and avoid the body parts that are close to tattooed area.

Regular workout regimen – Much like swimming, your regular workout regimen will have to wait until your skin is fully recovered (approximately 6 weeks).

Getting a tattoo removed is a safe and very common procedure. The best you can do after the treatments are over is to continue with your life as soon as possible. Toning down your workout sessions is necessary, but it won’t last forever.

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