How to lose weight cycling

How to lose weight cycling

Since we were kids, cycling was that one exercise we never actually took for an exercise – it was more of a fun way to spend your day, chase around and enjoy the sights you go by and the fresh air. And then – we grew up, signed up for the gym and realized that cycling is a killer when it comes to getting your claves and thighs in shape, followed by a full-body engagement and fitness.

That bike at the gym is totally okay; however, for your body to get a full fitness experience from cycling, it is always advised to take the cycling outside. Sure, you are spinning while in, and so you are while out but the body is responding better to the fresh air than to the condensed gym air, resulting in greater effects and quicker results.

If you’ve decided a bike is your fitness weapon of choice and you are determined to lose weight cycling, here are some insights that will definitely be useful for your future fitness endeavors:

How to lose weight cyclingWatch your diet

When you’ve just hopped onto the getting-in-shape wagon, you can’t act as a professional athlete who’s been in the fitness business for years; those guys (and non-professionals who are, though, working out for years) can eat whatever they want as much as they want because their bodies are already in training, their metabolism is fast and even the worst food choices are processed easier.

Since you are just starting, it’s important you remember the golden rule of every weight loss – intake less calories than you burn! This is something you should go by for at least half a year (sometimes even less, depending on your overall health state) until you lose all the extra pounds and get a killer body.

Focus your diet on lean proteins and vegetables and say goodbye to fried foods and processed sugars.

Sure, cheat days are okay from time to time, as long as you don’t exaggerate.

Don’t over-dress to sweat more

The more clothes you have on while working out, the more suffocated your body is going to be; while it might seem logical to go for this option in order to lose the excessive water, truth is – all the sweat that’s supposed to be coming out, is actually returning in the body through pores, potentially causing toxic reactions. So – avoid! The less clothes you’ve got on, the more effective your weight loss is going to be!

How to lose weight cyclingPick the right bike

Don’t get your fitness comfort mistaken for leisure; sure, no trainer will ever let you not work out hard enough or chill instead of hitting the hundredth jumping jack but having the basic comfort is necessary if you want your exercising to be productive. When it comes to riding a bike, you want a bicycle with a good seat, high quality pedals and a construction that’s safe. The best choice definitely falls on any of Sydney electric bikes  as they are known for quality and durability, and you can even have your bike delivered to your home address within a few days. Awesome!

Switch it up

Depending on the number of days you are actually free to go on a bike ride, you need to plan your sweating out – if you are blessed enough to have at least five days a week to go on your rides, you don’t have to go over the top with the intensity but ride in such a way that your heart raises and falls in equal intervals – that’s when you are burning fat. Don’t ever let the ride get boring!  If, however, you’ve got only two or three days for your rides, ride like someone’s chasing you (although, do make sure that you are riding someplace safe, away from the speeding cars and crossroads).

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