Safe exercising after plastic surgery

Exercise whilst recovering from surgery

Safe exercising after plastic surgery

Plastic surgery procedures are complicated, and sometimes hazardous for the health, which is why the process of recovery must be taken very seriously. It’s very important that the patient goes back to the workout routines after the surgery, but the exercises must be safe, so that they don’t jeopardize the results of the procedure. Exercising is highly beneficial for both body and mind, so it’s highly recommended that a patient turns to working out after the recovery is over.Exercise whilst recovering from surgery

Benefits of Exercising

The weight loss is one of the best-known benefits of regular exercising. Every time we are physically active, the body burns calories and the excess fat. Additionally, the immune system becomes much stronger, if a person is dedicated to working out on a regular basis. This keeps the body healthy and helps the organism battle the infections and viruses. What’s more, we can avoid a wide range of health problems if we only worked out regularly. People are more susceptible to stroke, depression, arthritis, type 2 diabetes and many other illnesses if they’re not physically active. A 30-minute workout is all we need in a day to feel better, have fun and keep the weight balanced.


Exercise whilst recovering from surgery

Post-Surgery Workout

One way to highly improve the results of the plastic surgery during the recovery is to have a personalized workout regimen. Since every patient is unique, it is crucial that every workout program is adapted to fitness levels and general health of the patent. It’s, also, vital that patient rests for the first 48 hours after the surgery and not engage in any extreme activity. Light cardio workouts, such as walking the neighbourhood or on a very slow setting on a treadmill, are allowed in the early phase of the recovery. Cycling slowly on a stationary bike is also a harmless activity as long as the patient doesn’t cycle for too long.

Post-liposuction exercises that doctors recommend include light cardio workouts such as walking or stationary cycling. However, these should be done only by the third week after the procedure, and not before. It’s necessary for patients to wear a compression garment in the first four weeks after the surgery and during the exercise as well. A patient should do light cardio workouts at least for two weeks, before turning to weight lifting and running.

Four weeks after a breast augmentation surgery, the patient shouldn’t engage in any weight training, lift any weight heavier than 10 pounds, push or pull heavyweight objects. However, lower body specific exercises are harmless during this period and the patient is free to engage in that kind of physical activity. They can do lunges, leg presses, squats and any type of leg exercise. However, it’s imperative that they don’t use weights during those exercises.

According to some doctors, the patient can start doing cardiovascular type exercises six weeks after a tummy-tuck procedure. Treadmill, speed walking, running, and elliptical trainer are perfect aerobic exercises. In order to avoid jeopardizing the incision and the sutures, patients should avoid weight lifting.

Doing lower body exercises is the perfect way to start working out after breast reduction. Patient should do lunges, while weights should be avoided in the immediate weeks following the procedure. Low impact cardio, walking and stationary cycling, are all the exercises a patient should consider during the recovery phase.

Regardless of the procedure a patient has had on their body, the recovery takes time, patience and discipline. Patients shouldn’t be anxious to start doing intense workouts right away, because that can put their health at risk. Therefore, it’s crucial to follow the advice of the surgeon and not taking any serious steps in exercising without previously consulting with the doctor.

Exercise whilst recovering from surgery

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