What are BCAA’s and how to use them

What are BCAA’s and how to use them

BCAA’s or Branched Chain Amino Acids is a fitness supplement responsible for supporting muscle gains and muscle recovery. If you’ve made a commitment to a weight training program then this is the supplement for you. The supplement is made up of three amino acids; leucine, isoleucine and valine and are known to be the main three contributors to muscle growth. Below is a breakdown of what they are and when to use them.

Prevent muscle loss

When you workout you make small tears in your muscle fibres. This is why you normally feel sore after that big chest workout or heavy leg day. BCAA’s along with other amino acids work together to protect and repair those torn muscle fibres as well as keeping them intact. This enables your body to recover quicker.

BCAA’s will also help to boost your immune system as we put a lot of stress on our bodies when we workout. If you’re body is not able to cope with this high amount of stress on the muscles then you’re not going to see the results and you’ll have issues when it comes to recovery.

Build muscle

The reason we all go to the gym and train hard is to build muscle. The use of BCAA’s can help us achieve this. These amino acids provide nitrogen within muscular cells when they’re being worked. Put simply, they work with other amino acids to form connective tissue.

When to consume them

BCAA’s are an essential part of our diet and they can be found in many different foods including meat, fish and vegetables. If you really want to get the full benefits of BCAA’s then it’s recommended that you take them around your workouts. One dose around 30 minutes before and after your workout will keep your cortisol levels low as you exercise, which supports better muscle growth. The BCAA supplement can be purchased in powder form or tablet form. Many bodybuilders will take the powder form diluted in water throughout their workout to try to get maximum benefit from the supplement.


Delayed onset muscle soreness can occur when we put our body through long periods of high intensity training. This pain can normally occur 24 hours after exercise. Muscle growth occurs once we leave the gym so it’s important we refuel them as quickly as possible. BCAA’s used throughout the day, particularly after training, can help to recover and rebuild the larger muscle groups such as the legs and chest.

Who should use BCAA’s

BCAA’s are suitable for anyone undertaking significant amounts of exercise and who are looking to build muscle mass as well as reduce body fat. It might not be ideal for the casual gym goer but if you’re serious about getting the results then adding this to your diet will be a major step in growing muscle.

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