Boost your fat burning with CLA supplement

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Boost your fat burning with CLA supplement

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acids) is growing in popularity among gym users whose main goal is to burn fat. CLA is an essential fatty acid that cannot be produced by the body alone. Which is why a balanced diet and the use of a supplement is required. Below are 5 reasons to add a CLA supplement to your diet.

Weight loss

Losing weight is most people’s main fitness goal. It can be frustrating when we don’t see the results but CLA is able to contribute towards fat loss. But surely you can’t lose weight with fat? Well, yes you can. Consuming CLA will enable the body to decrease fat via biochemical reactions which increase the base metabolic rate.

This is the minimum amount of energy the body requires to function. An increase in BMR means food can be converted into energy at an efficient rate. Thus helping to stimulate fat loss. It’s not a quick fix and results will be seen over time, but if used while training and eating a balanced diet it can be a great ally.

Enhance muscle growth

CLA has the ability to increase the muscle to fat ratio and contribute to the growth of lean muscle mass. By increasing your muscle mass you’re effectively burning more calories. Combining CLA and weight training is one way to see significant gains in muscle mass. Even just 5 grams a day can have a positive effect.

Lower cholesterol

As well as weight loss and increased muscle mass CLA has been known to reduce blood pressure, insulin sensitivity and blood glucose levels. All of which helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Boosts the immune system

We all get run down from time to time especially when we’re dieting and training regularly. However, using a CLA supplement will help to boost your immune system and may even prevent you from catching the common cold and flu. CLA has been shown to increase the immune system as well as being able to prevent catabolic effects of the immune system when we get ill.

Other benefits

CLA has many other benefits, one of which includes being able to help asthmatics increase their tolerance during high intensity or strenuous exercise. It also helps to prevent the onset of diabetes in adults by lowering the insulin resistance. It does this by helping fatty acids and glucose pass through muscle cell membranes.

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