The heart of the matter on cardiovascular exercise

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The heart of the matter on cardiovascular exercise

Benefits of Cardio Training

When it comes to exercise, Cardio is often mentioned. This is especially true if the person is trying to burn fat. However, I find that a great many people who are just starting out do not get instructed on the benefits of a Cardiovascular Exercise. Where there is the benefit of burning off fat, there are other benefits which implementing a cardio workout can have upon your health. Here are a few.

A Stronger Heart

It goes to reason that if you exercise the heart it will become stronger. Bodybuilder magazine has stated that if you fail to perform cardio exercises that your heart will actually weaken over time[1]. A weakened heart is prone to heart valve disease, heart attack, ruptures, and irregular heart rates. All of these are serious conditions that can lower the lifespan of the individual with the weakened heart. Alternatively, if a person performs cardio two to three times a week their heart is strengthened. Regular jogging can strengthen the heart and increase a person’s lifespan by 6.2 years for men and 5.6 years for women[2].



Cardio keeps your recovery time down

Flowing blood (like that of flowing water) gets rid of toxins and debris in the blood quicker and more efficiently than that of a body that is not active. The more that the blood is pumped through the system, the more apt a person is to have “healthier” blood. The rate in which the blood is pumped to the body will also help subsequent parts of the body to heal faster. Remember that when you are working out that the burn you are feeling is actually muscles tearing and rebuilding themselves. The way in which these muscles heal is by blood going to those areas and the proper elements for healing being applied to that area. Cardio helps to expedite this process. Even if you perform a great strength training exercise and get a great burn from it, you need to do cardio to lower the amount of “soreness” and “downtime”.

Cardio Exercises can help you beat diabetes

In 2015 it was reported that nearly 115 million people had diabetes. This staggering number of people, unfortunately grow every year. The good news is that diabetes is a disease that can be combated. It can be overcome. Yes, there are different stages of diabetes and there are different steps which a person must take to keep your diabetes under control. However, cardio vascular activity can help to keep your blood sugar under control and keep your body working more efficiently , producing the proper amount of insulin, and in some cases completely healing a person of diabetes. Check with your doctor about what exercises are best suited to your stage of diabetes.

Which exercises are best?

Where each person is different and you need to find something that meets your physical limitations as well as your personality, there are a few cardio exercises which are commonly considered to be great for getting the blood going. These include:

  • Running or Jogging
  • Bicycling
  • Jumping Rope
  • Using a Treadmill
  • Dancing (such as Zumba or similar dance/exercise)
  • Martial Arts
  • Skating

The Key Component

The key component in a cardio training is to look for an exercise that will force your body to move. Movement is what is going to get your blood up and going. This is the primary focus of the cardio vascular training. Keep in mind that, as with any exercise, you will need to do something that pushes your body. This is why slow dancing and walking are not really (though some may argue) cardio exercises. There is really no strain on the body and the pulse rate does not get up. Secondly, your exercise needs to be done consistently and for a duration that will have effects. It does not do your body any good to work out for 30 minutes one day and then take off the next 6. Cardio should be done at least 3 times a week to be effective. Finally, your cardio must be coupled with a healthy living style. Where the above benefits of cardio can help increase your quality of life, if your body is being filled with nicotine from smoking or your blood vessels are being covered with the grease overflow from that last fast food establishment you visited, the cardio is a bit of a moot point.

Where to begin?

You know your body and what your body can take. However, you are encouraged to ask a trainer or a doctor what would be best. Like any exercise, do not try to start out with you max but build up to exercises that really push you. What you do not want to do is over exert yourself and cause your body damage. Cardio is essential to a great workout? How will you put your heart into your routine.

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