Benefits of Strength Training

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Benefits of Strength Training

Why taking it to the Limit is not just for the Eagles

Strength training is one of those things that people either love or hate. And while there are many articles out there that will explain which exercises you need to perform for the best strength training, many people (especially those that are new to exercising) may not understand why strength training is an essential part to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and workout routine. Here are some of the key benefits of strength training.

A body that grows tolerant grows weak

When you work out, your body is pushing itself to certain limits. Those that are just starting out in exercising will find that their limit is greatly lower than those which have been working out for quite a while. Note that I say working out and not just lifting deadweights. Strength training goes beyond just the free weights. That being stated, those that are just beginning their exercise routine will find that their limitations are reached quicker than those that have conditioned their bodies for a longer work out.

Where this comes into play for your exercise routine is that your routine must continuously push your body to a new breaking point. If your body gets used to the workout then there is really nothing “new’” happening. Once your body can handle for example lifting 100 lbs, then lifting 100 lbs will not produce the same results as it once did. Your body can actually become weaker as the muscles are not working as hard to perform the same task. Strength training is essential to keep your body “shocked” and working as hard and as efficiently as possible.

Strength Training helps to maintains a healthy weight

A recent study[1] has shown that those which perform strength training 3 times a week burn more calories and maintain a healthy weight. Consider. When you perform strength training your body is working on a multi-system workout. This means that although you may be focusing on the arms or the shoulders, that subsequent muscle groups are also being worked. Also, as you get your “pump” your body’s cardio is also working and your heart rate is going up. This too helps to cut the calories, carbs, and keep you in tip top shape.

In addition to the working multiple muscle groups and cardio, strength training also boost the metabolism. A boosted metabolism is a vital part in burning and maintaining the fat within your body. If you couple a good breakfast with a consistent strength training routine, your body can and will burn calories all day long.


You are actually happier when you work out harder

When you strength train there are two ways in which you will feel better ab out yourself. The first is a physical response to the workout and the second is an emotional response to the workout. And for those guys out there that do not show emotion, it is inevitable that when you reach that “max” goal that you will be proud of yourself. The physical benefit of strength training is that more endorphins are released when your body pushes itself harder. Endorphins help you to feel good.

Consequently, if you work out your body is in better condition than if you do not work out. This means that you have more energy, you are less prone to heart disease and other diseases, you sleep better, your stress levels are down, you think more clearly, and the list goes on and on. The point is that when you have a healthier body you are happier.

What you should do to get started in strength training

Strength training typically involves free weights, but they can involve other equipment. The key is that your body is trying to lift or work with more weight then it usually does. It is critical that you have a spotter during your strength training as you do not want to injure yourself. When you push your body to the extreme the muscles that are being worked tear (in a good way) and muscles are builds more muscle. Remember, heavy builds light weight tones. Ensure that you are not just strength training but mixing it up so that your new muscles are toned properly. My personal routine is as follows:

  • Day One: Arms and Shoulders Strength
  • Day Two: Legs and back
  • Day three; Arms and Shoulders Medium
  • Day Four: Light Weights and Stomach
  • Day Five: Legs and back
  • Day Six: Arms and Shoulders
  • Day Seven: Rest

Of course, you will want to cater to your own needs. Talk with your trainer and your doctor to see where your limitations are as well as what your body can handle. If you are working on weight loss, focus on your legs and your arms (they do make up most of your body). Do not forget to do cardio 3 times a week as well. Build up your strength and tone down your body. Implement strength training into your routine.



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